I really do not play many games on my computer, but one game I play on occasion (and only on occasion, since it such a time vampire) is Civilization V.

The Time Vampire counts the hours you waste playing Civ 5… ah ah ah!

Unfortunately, Civ V is very crashy on Linux, and it seems to nail my CPU and fan while I am running it.

Until I fixed it.

Civ V is an OLD game, and wasn’t really designed to do multi-threading well. Civ is supposed to detect on first time start up your total number of available threads.

But it doesn’t. So you need to fix it.

The file you need to edit is in a hidden folder called .local under your home directly. Set your ‘Files’ browser to “show hidden” and you’ll see it.

/home/heinrich/.local/share/Aspyr/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/config.ini

The file is called config.ini. Open the file and look for this line:

; This is capped at runtime to the number of physical processors
MaxSimultaneousThreads = 8

The problem is, my CPU is a 6 core CPU with 12 threads. I need to change this number to 12.

If you need to know how many cores and threads your CPU has, enter this command in the terminal:

Your total number of threads is CPU x Threads per CPU. Change the number of MaxSimultaneousThreads to your actual max number of threads.

Save and re-start Civ 5. It should run now, and suck hours and hours of your life away.